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E-mails like a pro

xlvonline is the complete and professional Cloud suite for safely managing corporate emails and calendars

service to small business

when you depents on fast and secure e-mail service!
Where you can trust that e-mail is delivered and received for small business and personal accounts

Mailboxes up to 100GB

Large mailboxes up to 100GB of messages. Choose the size starting from 8GB.

Email Security

The xlvOnline Email Security service provides both active and passive protection. Active protection protects mailboxes from any malicious material directed towards email addresses. Passive protection helps increase the security of the company mailbox through targeted and configurable security policies.


Manage the reputation of your domains and get the best deliverability for your messages. You can activate a custom DKIM signature for each domain.

Everything you need to manage your E-MAILS

The flexibility of a dedicated mail server combined with the simplicity and power of the cloud

Webmail: read and write messages in a clear interface

A Webmail with an intuitive interface designed and developed directly by our team. Easy to use and beautiful to look at. You will be able to manage company emails, contacts and calendars everywhere, and synchronize your activities with your smartphone, thanks to Exchange ActiveSync support.

Imports and Migrations

Move from your current email provider to Qboxmail is easy thanks to our automatic import and migration tools.

Mail Time machine

With Mail Time Machine, users can access backups of their mailboxes, performed in the previous 15 days, to check the status of the backups or restore messages. Mail Time Machine deals with requests for recovering accidentally deleted emails that may arrive from service users in real time.

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Excellent functionality, a decidedly high level of service. Very efficient and friendly assistance. Recommended for companies that want an optimal management of the e-mail service at an overall low cost. Excellent quality / price ratio. Keep it up, working with professional companies like yours is a real pleasure.
Damon Snyder
Impeccable service and support, very well done email management panel as well as webmail. I highly recommend, serious and reliable company.
Carl Padron
The professionalism, competence and availability that is found in this company is of the highest level. Congratulations
Denise Delacruz
Simple and intuitive interface. Great service that does what it needs to! Super-excellent support service!
William Vella
The professionalism, competence and availability that is found in this company is of the highest level. Congratulations
Julie Jackson

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